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mtk sync-wrapper

sync db2 wrapper.


sync db2 wrapper.

mtk sync-wrapper [flags]


  -h, --help   help for sync-wrapper

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string       Set mtk config file. Support json,yaml. [env MTK_CONFIG] (default "mtk.json")
  -d, --debug               Set the debug mode.
                            Not necessary for the normal usage. [env MTK_DEBUG]
      --disableIgnoreCase   Disables ignoring case queries
      --file                export to file
      --fileType string     Indicates the type of a file when data is to be exported to a file. csv,sql (default "csv")
      --noTerminalReport    The terminal does not print an overview of the migration report
      --path string         Indicates the directory of a file to which data is to be exported (default "./data")
      --preRun              preRun check.
      --schemas string      the Migrate schema,Separated by commas.(schema1,schema2,db1)
      --tables string       the Migrate tables,Separated by commas.(tab1,schema1.tab1)


  • mtk - Database Migration Toolkit