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Overview of SCA

SCA (SQL Compatible Analysis) is compiled using Python (Version 3). SCA is a compatibility assessment tool used before migration of a heterogeneous database. It can evaluate whether the actual service SQL in the source database is executed in the target database and SQL performance difference in the two heterogeneous databases. Applicable to: MogDB and other openGauss-based databases

An SCA service program can run the following three types of tasks:

  1. I [Inspection]: Compatibility assessment

    Evaluates the compatibility of MogDB objects and service SQLs from Oracle to MogDB.

  2. S [Simulation]: SQL simulation

    Simulates the execution of Oracle service SQLs in the MogDB fidelity environment.

  3. C [Collection]: Data collection

    Collects Oracle metadata, including structure data of objects, SQL execution data, and others.

  4. M [MySQL]: MySQL evaluation

    Evaluates the compatibility of SQLs from the slow query log collected from MySQL.


  • Compatibility assessment requires a complete source database structure. It is recommended that MTK is used for migration of the source database structure. SCA can also be used to automatically create a target test database but its compatibility is relatively poor.
  • SQL simulation requires a complete source database data. It is recommended that MTK is used for migration of the source database structure and data.

Supported OSs and Platforms

SCA supports the following OSs and platforms currently:

  1. Linux x86_64
  2. Linux arm64
  3. MacOS (MacOS does not support the SHA256 encryption authentication mode of openGauss/MogDB.)

Supported Databases

SCA supports the following source and target databases currently:

  1. Source database: Oracle >= 10.2
  2. Target database: MogDB/openGauss >= 1.0 (MacOS does not support the SHA-256 authentication mode temporarily.)

Note: Whether SCA supports a platform does not have relevance to whether SCA supports a database. A database running on other platforms, such as Windows/AIX can be supported by SCA only when the the host network and port are connected between the database and SCA.

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