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Supported Versions:

Release Notes

MogHA-2.3.0 (2021.11.30)

Change Log:

  • Adjust the system architecture and remove Python dependency.
  • Support concurrent deployment of an HA service on each node.
  • Enable the maximum availability mode before failover under the lite mode.
  • Dynamically obtain the subnet mask of the service NIC as that of the virtual IP address.
  • Automatically try incremental rebuilding when the status of the standby database is "Need Repair".
  • Define the user-friendly process cmdline for easy distinction.
  • Update the mogha.service.tmpl template.
  • Optimize code and fix partial bugs.

MogHA-2.2.2 (2021.10.14)

Change Log:

  • Add the check of the maximum available space before the standby database is switched.
  • Add the check of the primary database role after the standby database is switched.
  • Optimize the switchover process.
  • Optimize the restart process of the standby database.

MogHA-2.2.1 (2021.9.10)

Change Log:

  • Add the limit of metadatabase connection timeout duration of 3s.
  • Add the limit of the HTTP interface request timeout duration of 3s.
  • Rectify the fault that allow_ips does not include a virtual IP address during HTTP interface authentication.
  • Optimize the code structure.

MogHA-2.2.0 (2021.9.7)

Change Log:

  • Modify the version management mode.
  • Pack objects by platform.
  • Modify the table structure of the metadatabase.
  • Remove the db_host_zone table.
  • Add the switchover time field to the db_cluster table.
  • Add the zone field to the db_instance table.
  • Change the ctime and utime fields to the create_time and update_time fields for all tables, respectively.
  • Support automatic discovery of database ports and writing into node.conf during installation.

MogHA-2.1.1 (2021.7.14)

Change Log:

  • Output a Chinese localization script.
  • Add a MogHA uninstallation script.
  • Add UCE fault detection.
  • Add disk fault detection.