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Installation on a Single Node


  • A user group and a common user have been created.
  • All the server OSs and networks are functioning properly.
  • A common user must have the read, write, and execute permissions on the database package decompression path and installation path, and the installation path must be empty.
  • A common user has the execution permission on the downloaded MogDB package.
  • Before the installation, check whether the specified MogDB port is occupied. If the port number is occupied, change the port or stop the process that uses the port.


  1. Log in to the host where the MogDB package is installed as a common user and decompress the MogDB package to the installation directory.

    tar -jxf MogDB-2.0.1-openEuler-64bit.tar.bz2 -C /opt/software/mogdb

    Note: You can obtain the single-node installation package MogDB-2.0.1-openEuler-64bit.tar.bz2 from extracting the standard installation package MogDB-2.0.1-openEuler-all-arm_64.tar. To obtain the standard installation package, visit MogDB Official Website.

  2. Assume that the decompressed package is stored in the /opt/software/mogdb directory. Go to the simpleInstall directory.

    cd /opt/software/mogdb/simpleInstall
  3. Run the script to install MogDB.

    sh  -w xxxx 

    img NOTE:

    • -w: initializes the database password (specified by gs_initdb). This parameter is mandatory for security purposes.
    • -p: specifies the MogDB port number. If the port number is not specified, the default value 5432 is used.
    • -h|–help: displays usage instructions.
    • After the installation, the database name is sgnode.
    • The installation path of the database directory is /opt/software/mogdb/data/single_node, in which /opt/software/mogdb is the decompression path and data/single_node is the newly created database node directory.
  4. After the installation is complete, check whether the process is normal by using ps and gs_ctl.

    ps ux | grep mogdb
    gs_ctl query -D /opt/software/mogdb/data/single_node

    Run the ps command to display information similar to the following:

    omm      24209 11.9  1.0 1852000 355816 pts/0  Sl   01:54   0:33 /opt/software/mogdb/bin/gaussdb -D /opt/software/mogdb/single_node
    omm      20377  0.0  0.0 119880  1216 pts/0    S+   15:37   0:00 grep --color=auto mogdb

    Run the gs_ctl command to display information similar to the following:

    gs_ctl query ,datadir is /opt/software/mogdb/data/single_node
    HA state:
        local_role                     : Normal
        static_connections             : 0
        db_state                       : Normal
        detail_information             : Normal
    Senders info:
        No information
     Receiver info:
    No information