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CREATE MASKING POLICY creates an anonymization policy.


Only user poladmin, user sysadmin, or the initial user can perform this operation.

The masking policy takes effect only after the security policy is enabled, that is, enable_security_policy is set to on. For details, see “Database Configuration > Database Security Management Policies > Dynamic Data Masking” in the Security Hardening Guide.


CreateMaskingPolicy ::= CREATE MASKING POLICY policy_name masking_clause[, ...]* policy_filter [ENABLE | DISABLE];
  • masking_clause

    masking_clause ::= masking_function ON LABEL(label_name[, ...]*)
  • masking_function

    masking_function ::= maskall | randommasking | creditcardmasking | basicemailmasking | fullemailmasking | shufflemasking | alldigitsmasking 
  • policy_filter:

    policy_filter ::= FILTER ON FILTER_TYPE(filter_value [,...]*)[,...]*

    filter_IP | APP | ROLES

Parameter Description

  • policy_name

    Specifies the audit policy name, which must be unique.

    Value range: a string. It must comply with the naming convention.

  • label_name

    Specifies the resource label name.

  • masking_clause

    Specifies the masking function used to anonymize database resources labeled by label_name.

  • policy_filter

    Specifies the users for which the anonymization policy takes effect. If this parameter is left empty, the anonymization policy takes effect for all users.


    Specifies the types of information to be filtered by the policy, including IP, APP, and ROLES.

  • filter_value

    Indicates the detailed information to be filtered, such as the IP address, app name, and username.


    Enables or disables the masking policy. If ENABLE|DISABLE is not specified, ENABLE is used by default.


-- Create users dev_mask and bob_mask.
mogdb=# CREATE USER dev_mask PASSWORD 'dev@1234';
mogdb=# CREATE USER bob_mask PASSWORD 'bob@1234';

-- Create table tb_for_masking.
mogdb=# CREATE TABLE tb_for_masking(col1 text, col2 text, col3 text);

-- Create a resource label for label sensitive column col1.
mogdb=# CREATE RESOURCE LABEL mask_lb1 ADD COLUMN(tb_for_masking.col1);

-- Create a resource label for label sensitive column col2.
mogdb=# CREATE RESOURCE LABEL mask_lb2 ADD COLUMN(tb_for_masking.col2);

-- Create an anonymization policy for the operation of accessing sensitive column col1.
mogdb=# CREATE MASKING POLICY maskpol1 maskall ON LABEL(mask_lb1);

-- Create an anonymization policy that takes effect only for scenarios where users are dev_mask and bob_mask, client tools are psql and gsql, and IP addresses are, and
mogdb=# CREATE MASKING POLICY maskpol2 randommasking ON LABEL(mask_lb2) FILTER ON ROLES(dev_mask, bob_mask), APP(psql, gsql), IP('', '');