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COMMIT PREPARED commits a prepared two-phase transaction.


  • The function is only available in maintenance mode (when GUC parameter xc_maintenance_mode is on). Exercise caution when enabling the mode. It is used by maintenance engineers for troubleshooting. Common users should not use the mode.
  • Only the transaction creators or system administrators can run the COMMIT PREPARED command. The creation and commit operations must be in different sessions.
  • The transaction function is maintained automatically by the database, and should be not visible to users.


CommitPrepared ::= COMMIT PREPARED transaction_id ;
CommitPrepared ::= COMMIT PREPARED transaction_id WITH CSN;

Parameter Description

  • transaction_id

    Specifies the identifier of the transaction to be committed. The identifier must be different from those for current prepared transactions.

  • CSN(commit sequence number)

    Specifies the sequence number of the transaction to be committed. It is a 64-bit, incremental, unsigned number.


COMMIT PREPARED commits a transaction whose identifier is trans_test.
mogdb=# COMMIT PREPARED 'trans_test';