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This document introduces the roadmap for MogDB 2.0.1.

Components Unmerged content
MogHA Support for automatic restart of primary instance
Support for database CPU usage limit setting
Support for customization of HA switching
Support for WEB interface, API and so on, facilitating small-scale deployment (EA phase)
MogDB Server Support setting the primary node to global read-only, which can prevent brain-split in the case of network isolation
Support for pg trgm plugin (full-text indexing plugin)
Support for custom operators and custom operator classes
Reduce resource consumption for database metrics collection
Optimize partition creation syntax
Support sorting of CJK (East Asian character set), with better performance for sorting large data volumes
Support for xid-based flashback queries
Support for sub partitions
Support for citus plug-in, enable scale-out to enhance distributed capacity
Support for online reindex without locking tables
MogDB Client Go client: support for the SHA256 encryption algorithm
Python client: support for the SHA256 encryption algorithm and support for automatic identification of the primary node
MogDB plugin Compatibility support for wal2json plug-in used for the export and heterogeneous replication of the current logical log
Support for pg_dirtyread plug-in used for data recovery and query under special circumstances
Support for walminer plug-in used for online WAL log parsing (no reliance on logical logs)
Support for db_link plug-in used for connecting to PostgreSQL databases from MogDB