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In the DBE_PERF schema, views are used to diagnose performance issues and are also the data source of WDR snapshots. After the database is installed, only the initial user have permissions for the DBE_PERF schema by default. If the database is upgraded from an earlier version, permissions for the DBE_PERF schema are the same as those of the earlier version to ensure forward compatibility. Organization views are divided based on multiple dimensions, such as OS, instance, and memory. These views comply with the following naming rules:

  • Views starting with GLOBAL_: Request data from database nodes and return the data without processing them.
  • Views starting with SUMMARY_: Summarize data in MogDB. In most cases, data from database nodes (sometimes only the primary database node) is processed, collected, and returned.
  • Views that do not start with GLOBAL_ or SUMMARY_: Local views that do not request data from other database nodes.