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Controlling Transactions

A transaction is a user-defined sequence of database operations, which form an integral unit of work.

Starting a Transaction

MogDB starts a transaction using START TRANSACTION and BEGIN. For details, see START TRANSACTION and BEGIN.

Setting a Transaction

MogDB sets a transaction using SET TRANSACTION or SET LOCAL TRANSACTION. For details, see SET TRANSACTION.

Committing a Transaction

MogDB commits all operations of a transaction using COMMIT or END. For details, see COMMIT | END.

Rolling Back a Transaction

If a fault occurs during a transaction and the transaction cannot proceed, the system performs rollback to cancel all the completed database operations related to the transaction. See ROLLBACK.

img NOTE: If an execution request (not in a transaction block) received in the database contains multiple statements, the request is packed into a transaction. If one of the statements fails, the entire request will be rolled back.