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CREATE SERVER defines a new foreign server.


CREATE SERVER server_name
    OPTIONS ( { option_name ' value ' } [, ...] ) ;

Parameter Description

  • server_name

    Specifies the server name.

    Value range: a string containing no more than 63 characters

  • fdw_name

    Specifies the name of the foreign data wrapper.

    Value range: oracle_fdw, mysql_fdw, postgres_fdw, mot_fdw

  • OPTIONS ( { option_name ' value ' } [, …] )

    Specifies options for the server. These options typically define the connection details of the server, but the actual names and values depend on the foreign data wrapper of the server.

    • Options supported by oracle_fdw are as follows:

      • dbserver

        Connection string of the remote Oracle database.

      • isolation_level (default value: serializable)

        Oracle database transaction isolation level.

        Value range: serializable, read_committed, read_only

    • Options supported by mysql_fdw are as follows:

      • host (default value:

        IP address of the MySQL server or MariaDB.

      • port (default value: 3306)

        Listening port number of the MySQL server or MariaDB.

    • The options supported by postgres_fdw are the same as those supported by libpq. For details, see Connection Character Strings. Note that the following options cannot be set:

      • user and password

        The user name and password are specified when the user mapping is created.

      • client_encoding

        The encoding mode of the local server is automatically obtained and set.

      • application_name

        This option is always set to postgres_fdw.

In addition to the connection parameters supported by libpq, the following options are provided:

  • use_remote_estimate

    Controls whether postgres_fdw issues the EXPLAIN command to obtain the estimated run time. The default value is false.

  • fdw_startup_cost

    Estimates the startup time required for a foreign table scan, including the time to establish a connection, analyze the request at the remote server, and generate a plan. The default value is 100.

  • fdw_typle_cost

    Specifies the additional consumption when each tuple is scanned on a remote server. The value specifies the extra consumption of data transmission between servers. The default value is 0.01.