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CREATE DIRECTORY creates a directory. The directory defines an alias for a path in the server file system and is used to store data files used by users.


  • By default, only initial users can create directories. If enable_access_server_directory is enabled (for details, see enable_access_server_directory), users with the sysadmin permission can also create directories.
  • By default, the user who creates a directory has the read and write permissions on the directory.
  • The default owner of a directory is the user who creates the directory.
  • A directory cannot be created for the following paths:

    • The path contains special characters.
    • The path is a relative path.
    • The path is a symbolic link.
  • The following validity check is performed during directory creation:

    • Check whether the path exists in the OS. If it does not exist, a message is displayed, indicating the potential risks.
    • Check whether the database initial user omm has the R/W/X permissions for the OS path. If the user does not have all the permissions, a message is displayed, indicating the potential risks.
  • In MogDB, ensure that the path is the same on all the nodes. Otherwise, the path may fail to be found on some nodes when the directory is used.


AS 'path_name';

Parameter Description

  • directory_name

    Specifies the name of a directory.

    Value range: a string. It must comply with the naming convention rule.

  • path_name

    Specifies the OS path for which a directory is to be created.

    Value range: a valid OS path


-- Create a directory.
mogdb=# CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY  dir  as '/tmp/';