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Constant and Macro

Table 1 lists the constants and macros that can be used in openGauss.

Table 1 Constant and macro

Parameter Description Example
CURRENT_CATALOG Specifies the current database. postgres=# SELECT CURRENT_CATALOG; current_database -—————– postgres (1 row)
CURRENT_ROLE Specifies the current user. postgres=# SELECT CURRENT_ROLE; current_user -————- omm (1 row)
CURRENT_SCHEMA Specifies the current database mode. postgres=# SELECT CURRENT_SCHEMA; current_schema -————— public (1 row)
CURRENT_USER Specifies the current user. postgres=# SELECT CURRENT_USER; current_user -————- omm (1 row)
LOCALTIMESTAMP Specifies the current session time (without time zone). postgres=# SELECT LOCALTIMESTAMP; timestamp -————————— 2015-10-10 15:37:30.968538 (1 row)
NULL This parameter is left blank. N/A
SESSION_USER Specifies the current system user. postgres=# SELECT SESSION_USER; session_user -————- omm (1 row)
SYSDATE Specifies the current system date. postgres=# SELECT SYSDATE; sysdate -——————– 2015-10-10 15:48:53 (1 row)
USER Specifies the current user, also called CURRENT_USER. postgres=# SELECT USER; current_user -————- omm (1 row)